Vintage Key Gifts

Technology can improve our lives in many ways. But when it comes to gift-giving, the personal touch can often be lost along the way. In this era of e-greeting cards, social media and gift cards, the impact and shelf-life of personal tributes can be fleeting at best.

Vintage Keys Never Get Old!

What's interesting is that the more technology creeps into our lives, the more the human touch matters. And when it comes to providing a gift, the beautiful thing is, it's more important to be thoughtful than it is to spend a lot of money.

Vintage Keys Never Go Out of Style!

A vintage key harkens back to simpler time. It has personality and prompts conversation interest in others. If you are looking to stand out form the pack with clients and be memorable with friends and family members, below are a few ideas that can unlock some inspiration:

Vintage Key with Giftbox Bow - $39.95

Vintage Key with Keychain - $49.95

Vintage Key Small Keyring - $39.95

Vintage Key Wine Bottle Charm - $39.95

Vintage Key Small Necklace - $59.95

Vintage Keys Assorted Sizes - $39.95 and up

Vintage Keychain with Corporate Logo

Contact us for customized logo key chains with vintage keys.